Awakening Authentic Joy
The Free Video Series integral online course, with Eagle de Botton and author Mick Quinn, will walk you through the twelve chapters of the book, making this profound reading an easy-to-follow yet powerful multi media guidance. It is Your Choice to evolve that will set the stage for your awakening to integrate the unfolding perspectives into your current ways of being.

The Awakening to The Uncommon Path, is a free integral video series course. An Eagle de Botton - GoodReality Conscious Service Project.
Awakening to The Uncommon Path video series
The Awakening to the uncommon path integral video dialogs, is made to help awakening your true nature, create the future, and evolve the good reality. If you are interested in awakened living your awakening is already within your own hands... Not too bad, as a start, ha ?! (since you are here, probably you are interested...:-))
The Uncommon Path, is a book that leads us from the complexity of conditioned idealism to the simplicity of authentic joy. With our integral video course this transition will be much easier.
The Awakening to The Uncommon Path video series, is available for free on awakenedTV.

The basis for the book and the video series is the distinction between conceptual-free-will and conscious-free-will. It is to set the stage for your awakening to flourish, evolve, and integrate the new perspective into your current way of living. It is the aim of this book, and the aim of our integral video series, to dispel any possibility that concealed conditioning is commanding your quest to evolve.
Your subsequent willingness to awaken to your true nature, and express your awakening – in communion with other people beyond conditioning – holds the key to create the future. to create a new world! The Introduction reveals that Awakened Relationships and Awakened Love allow us to evolve consciousness by affording the spiritual development of humanity.

In this chapter you will learn:
- The difference between conceptual and conscious-free-will.
- How to untangle your free will from conditioning.
- How the ego's dharma drives the search for the awakened life.
- How to recognize concealed conditioning in yourself and others.
- The joyful possibility of relationships without conflict.
- That freedom is really a matter of choice - yours.
here to watch the Introduction video dialog.