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GoodReality - Creators
I am Eagle de Botton, and I am the creator of the GoodReality organization. I am a father to three young adults, and used to be a performer (a Clown and a Musician.) Since 2008 I dedicate my activities to Conscious Service and the spread of Conscious Evolution. Some of my projects are awakenedtv, The Awakened Campaign, and... GoodReality.
Reuven de Botton, is the co-creator of the GoodReality organization. He is a member of the board and serves as our channel, and advisor, to the establishment of relationship with young people.
Reuven is a musician, and a graduate of the Rudolf Steiner Interactive School in Zurich. He joined to help create the GoodReality, in his quest to contribute for a better future.
GoodReality Contributors.
Author Mick Quinn the author of The Uncommon Path - an Awakening to The Uncommon Path GoodReality Conscious Service Project. The Uncommon Path, Conscious Service Project, is about providing education, deepening the understanding of the book, and show ways to take it into "real life." The Uncommon Path, written by author Mick Quinn, is an integral guide to uncovering concealed conditioning, and is at the center of the GoodReality education program. Mick Quinn also participate in the AwakenedRelationship Forum .
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Jessica Roemischer is a pianist and music educator. Her innovative approach to piano improvisation makes it possible for everyone, to access the source of creativity within. Jessica is the leader of the GoodReality PianoBeautiful Conscious Service project.
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