Author Mick Quinn, has joined the GoodReality Board of Advisors. With awakenedTV he started the production of a free teaching series, on how to use The Uncommon Path in daily life.
Mick Quinn
Currently residing in Guatemala with his wife, Débora Prieto, this Irish-born author was the founder of several multimillion-dollar companies and is quoted regularly in the popular press. He chose to give up his 'American Dream' lifestyle in 2001, to devote himself to a fulltime process of spiritual development and the evolution of consciousness. Mick, along with such luminaries as Barbara Marx Hubbard and Steve McIntosh, is an Honorary Member of the EnlightenNext organization.
The Uncommon Path is the second book by Irish author, Mick Quinn. Mick's work was first published in Spanish as Poder Y Gracia, by Corona Borealis Publishing in  the summer of 2007.  Mick's life was radically transformed in the summer of 2001 while sitting in meditation with spiritual teacher, Andrew Cohen. As a  result of this inner transformation, Mick left his former life behind and began to write and teach about the seed of great potential which rests with each one of us.  Mick's work is touching the hearts, minds, and spirits of all those who come in contact with its direct, yet gentle message. An essential aspect of his teachings points to identifying and transcending concealed conditioning on the path of awakening. He, along with his wife, Debora Prieto, who trained with Genpo Roshi  in the Big Mind Process are currently leading a comprehensive consciousness course together.
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