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Conscious Service - Karma Yoga on Steroids
by Mick Quinn and Débora Prieto
Before we delve deeply into Conscious Service, let’s look a little at karma yoga. The traditional view of karma yoga is described as a way of acting, thinking and willing oneself toward realization without consideration of personal self-centered desires, likes or dislikes.

Michael Beckwith, the well-known author and founder of Agape said about karma yoga ‘The point is to create a system where individuals don't work simply for money or personal gain but to support the planet and its inhabitants in entering the next stage of evolutionary progression."

Conscious Service takes you far beyond karma yoga, because you have already realized that the attainment of any particular state of mind is not necessary so that you may fully participate in this next evolutionary progression of humanity. So, getting anywhere for the sake of self is no longer primary and you are fully available for Conscious Service. This means that you can act now, in Conscious Service for the sake of humanity, without having to wait to be enlightened – whatever that may be!

Conscious Service is using all of your life experiences with skillful means on behalf of humanity. Conscious Service is the natural manifestation, on a full time basis of Kosmocentric compassion for the sake of the world.

Therefore, when Conscious Service emerges in your life it is going to be in the form of actions that have more to do with others, less to do with self, more to do with the evolution of culture, and less to do with little-self development.

In fact, this is what Vertical Coaching programs are all about; to introduce a new context for karma yoga in the 21st century, more in line with Beckwith's quote than the traditional understanding of conscious action where we are acting, thinking and willing oneself toward some ‘thing’. This context is Conscious Service.

Why is Conscious Service so important? The problems we are facing in the world today are a product of the previous levels of development. All level of societal and culture development bring both good and bad result, even this one will, too. I wonder what that will be!?

Nonetheless, to resolve the issue facing us, we have to learn to come together in a way that is radically new. This new way of coming together, for the sake of others, rather than self, will allow for Conscious Service to emerge, tackle, and sustain much needed transformation.

When in Conscious Service, the individual – that’s you – is a mere vehicle that can perfectly submit its life without drama or hesitation as a clear channel for the energy and intelligence that is creating the universe to emerge and merge, to act, build and rebuild. You understand perfectly your role and responsibility and are willing to go beyond your personal trials and tribulations in awakened relationships for a better good.
When in Conscious Service the personal does not disappear or get disowned, but it is simply that you have enough clarity and discipline to discern what is of primary significance – me or us?
When engaged in Conscious Service you can follow through with issues that affect the many and not just the one. And, really following through implies to go all the way until the end. This is not just about putting a signature on a petition or going once in a while to serve food in a homeless shelter so that you can feel good about your place in the great mystery of being and becoming.
Conscious Service appears as a fully-fledged, fully evident life domain of the ‘spiritual finder’ in which the evolution of consciousness has stabilized as your primary reason for being. Conscious Service is about getting somewhere and doing something for the sake of humanity, not so much for the sake of the self anymore.

This life domain emerges as a profound expression of your own awakening. It is here that you express your interest in the evolution of consciousness for the sake of humanity. The life domain of Conscious Service reveals itself when your shadow is significantly healed, all of your relevant relationships are free from personal conflict, and you have completely transcended and included the life domain of Spiritual Seeking at the personal level of development.

Now your reasons for growth and development are no longer personal but, for the sake of others. When the life domain of Conscious Service is active, the consistent expression of values such as development, evolution, community and potential become of great importance in your life’s work or full-time career. Therefore, the emergence of the life domain of Conscious Service transcends and includes the life domain of Source of Income.

The life domain of Conscious Service commonly unfolds as a career of full-time philanthropic works, awakened parenting, the development and implementation of awakened business practices, or the facilitation of the evolution of consciousness in individuals and/or groups. Therefore, you can earn an income and also incur expenses in the life domain of Conscious Service. This simply means that money is a value here, but is not a primary value in this life domain. The primary value here is usually development or evolution.

Frequently, as a demonstration of the depth of your awakening and as proof of your genuine aspiration to live an awakened life, you have already taken the necessary steps to provide the funds so that you can dedicate yourself to the life domain of Conscious Service on a full-time basis. When this life domain is active in your life, ‘working for a living’ in the traditional sense is quite rare.

As part of the emergence of the life domain of Conscious Service, the interactions in your relevant relationships are based on the discovery and expression of the full potential of each individual and of the relationship itself. Such interactions, though they include many of the same values as the life domains of Marriage and Family, reach far beyond that personal microcosm and are not associated with ego’s agenda of sharing emotions, history, and personal stories.

Why is Conscious Service important? Because in a lifetime of Conscious Service, if only one of those with whom you walked, listened and helped succeeds in shifting beyond the blind attachment to individuality, then that lifetime is as worthy as the life of twenty Buddhas.

Isn’t Conscious Service more worthy than spending years begging for a car, a house, a job, a marriage, or a particular emotional state? Isn’t Conscious Service more worthy than any feeling of superiority, or power over others, or trying to make sense of our lives; more worthy than jealousy, clinginess, and the neediness that so conforms to the entire spectrum of pathological narcissism? Is not Conscious Service just your choice?

Co-authored by Mick Quinn and Debora Prieto.
Based on ideas from the bestselling book, The Uncommon Path, by Irish author, Mick Quinn.
Author Mick Quinn, has joined the GoodReality. With Eagle de Botton and awakenedTV, he offerers the "Awakening to The Uncommon Path" Conscious Service production. It is a free integral teaching series, on how to integrate "The Uncommon Path" in daily life.
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